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Working with a variety of tools and platforms, including our partnership with Qualtrics, we advise on all aspects of setting up and implementing ongoing CX measurement.

Our services cover strategic planning, programme, survey and dashboard design, as well as feedback loop implementation, advanced analytics and interpretation to deliver actionable insight.

CX measurement may start with touchpoint feedback or relationship surveys but should ultimately encompass both, as well as the brand and employee perspective.

This holistic view will deliver the integrated insights required for sustainable and consistent CX improvements.

Customer Understanding

Only by truly understanding the customer and what they are experiencing when they interact with your organisation can we plan to improve it. Through an examination of existing insights, best-in-class journey mapping approaches, and state of the art CX measurement, we build the required understanding of what matters most to customers and why. We can also draw on available and relevant data from organisational, social and survey sources to build out a robust quantitative picture of customers’ priorities. As we create this reservoir of customer knowledge together, we are better able to advise you on how best to develop, measure and manage your customer experience.

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CX Technology selection

With such a variety of software providers in the market, making the right choice has never been more challenging. Are you looking for an enterprise solution to be built to your specifications or a DIY capability to enable your CX team? With experience of working with most of the players in the market, we can help with anything from advice to managing a full scale RFP process.

Experience Design & Improvement

Delivering a customer experience that can meet or exceed expectations is built on this deep understanding of customer needs, journeys and priorities. We use a variety of workshop and customer-centric design approaches to ensure the knowledge and insight inspires and guides each stage of CX design and proposition development. We bring the right balance of creative and commercial thinking to help focus investments on the areas that matter most. Once redesigns and enhancements are built and implemented we then ensure the feedback systems, metrics and loops are in place to monitor successful delivery and support continuous improvement.


Enabling Employees in CX delivery

Incorporating employees’ CX perspective, enables us to analyse how these align with customer perceptions. We also undertake employee journey mapping to uncover emotions, moments of truth and painpoints, and understand how these affect both employee engagement and how they successfully deliver to customer needs. Customer and employee journey mapping together play a valuable role in building and communicating authentic employee and customer value propositions, as well as providing critical input into the design and content of training. These are just some ways in which employee engagement work can be enhanced to deliver a clearer line of sight to customer outcomes and build greater customer centricity.

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