Why do you need a benchmark?

Customer Management is an increasing area of competition for organisations, not just within sectors but across sectors, as technology disrupts markets.

The Customer Management Strategy Benchmark is being developed to index the strategies and practices of your organisation against other companies in your market and across markets. An evidence based audit of not just capabilities but also effectiveness gives you an invaluable tool for strategic and tactical planning.


The audit will cover all areas that impact on the customer experience and how the organisation goes about delivering this. A selection of these are shown below. If you are interested in being benchmarked then please get in touch.

Customer Understanding

If you don't understand your customer then you will struggle to match or exceed their expectations. World class players go beyond touchpoint dashboards or even simple journey maps to a joined up view of the customer that actively helps the organisation to focus on their needs at the strategic, tactical and individual level.

Customer Engagement

What is your customer engagement strategy? Is it omni-channel and if so, how effective is that? What's your social media strategy and does it drive real engagement? How do you manage customer complaints, how empowered are your employees to achieve the best outcomes and do your customers know the effort you put in to deliver this?

Employee engagement

How engaged are your employees in delivering excellent customer experiences? Are their behaviours aligned with customer expectations? Do they have the tools, training and motivation to deliver the customer centricity you need to stand out?

Next Steps...

Get in touch and we will send you further details of how you can be part of the benchmark and how it can help you on your journey to improving customer centricity